Peer Support Specialist, Lace (no pronouns)

Before joining InterConnect, Lace has been a facilitator for other groups starting in 2001 such as Community Connections and The Whitman-Walker Clinic, both of of Washington, DC., and On Our Own of Montgomery County. At forty-seven years old, Lace lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland with Gabby, a beautiful long haired tabby cat.

A member since 2014, Lace finds InterConnect means being supported and joining in partnership with people sharing the same issues. Lace enjoys facilitating groups and it’s been a major part of Lace’s life. The support we get from these groups is invaluable!

We’re in this together.

InterConnect is committed to building a community for all intersex people, their families, and allies. A space where you are heard, valued, and embraced regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, socio-economic background, ability, experience, or perspective. A community where you can bring your whole self. We’re in this together, join us.

Our Mission:

InterConnect is a compassionate and affirming community of intersex individuals, family members and allies, working together to promote a better quality of life through connection, support, education and awareness.

Our Vision:

A world in which intersex individuals are celebrated as a natural variation of human biology, and all intersex people feel safe, seen and supported.

Our Values:

We value the journey of intersex people, their families and allies, who support our right to self-determination, dignity, and purpose.


Support - Embrace - Educate - Network